Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lovely Song about Kathakali

Actors are the two legends of Kerala Cinema, Prem Nazeer and Sree Vidya.

Manipravala Thalakal Unarnoo
Manassil kamala dalangal vithirnoo
Kavya Kalayude kanakamgulikalil
Kathakali Mudrakal Vidarnoo !

Manipravala ......................

Verses equalling Ruby ( Mani ) and Coral ( Pravala )
And lotus blossomed in Mind !
From the great Art of Poetry
Rose the Mudras of the King of all Arts ( Kathakali )

Sharat kala megham Thirasselayayi
Sasiklaa Kali vilakkayee
Onnayi Varriyarum
Irayimman Thapiyum
Varna narayangal minukkee

The clouds of Sharath
Became curtain for the play
Moon became the Lamp
Both Variar and Thampi became one
Giving finishing touches to costumes !

Pampayum Periyarum
Bharata puzhayum
Aa padangal paadi
Chaitra marangal aadee !
Chendayil thengilayil
Elathalangil Syamantakangal kilingee

The rivers of Kerala
Bharata puzha, Pampa and Periyar
Sang those beautiful verses
And the trees of Chaitra danced !

Manipravala .....................

Damayantiyayi Droupadiyayi
Kairali Rathiyay Sathiyay
Rambhayay Radhayay
Raasa Natanam Aadi !

As Damayanti, Droupadi
And as Devayani
Magnificent Kerala rose
As Rathi, as Sathi
As Rambha and Radha
She danced the Blissful Dance !

Ratnakireedavumayi Thiranottam Nadathi
Rasa Chakravarthiyam Sringaram..

Manipravala .......................

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blogging is Marketing !

My main blog site, was not functional for 4 years. Now I got it back and is blogging daily.

Blogging is fun. Blogging gives you satisfaction. I realised after I blogged on my blog site and my 32 blogs on Blogger, that my impressions are going up ! More bandwidth for my sites and blogs. Only that blogging takes a lot of time, but that cannot be helped.

So blogging is the way. Blogging can take you from obscurity to omnipresence !

Thursday, June 27, 2013

For Blogging, hard work is needed !

We have said repeatedly Blogging is fun. If you try to blog for money, you will have to create your own content, incorporate ad revenue generating ads like Adsense. You need lots of traffic, if you want to be rich !

Select a niche field and position yourself as an expert. Write articles and submit them to directories.  You can post comment about other's blogs ! That way you can link their blog with theirs. Search for other bloggers in your niche. You can bookmark the blogs you like and follow their subjects daily.

I for instance, follow, as she is a good writer on Astrology. Not only on Astrology, but she writes on other subjects as well. Her blogs have got more than 800 K hits and is followed by ardent admirers. My blogs are also getting decent hits. 

I have incorporated Adsense in my blogs. Not only Adsense but Social Spark as well. Social Spark is part of IZEA. Adsense gives me good earnings.

Participate, this is the mantra of Social Media Marketing. For instance, I am interested in Marketing and I go to marketing sites and blogs and participate in the discussions. I am interested in cricket and participate in all cricket blogs and sites. I am interested in Astrology and participate in all Astrology forums, blogs and sites. That way I am known as a participating Voice and become popular like that !

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blogging is fun !

Undoubtedly blogging is fun. You write whatever is on your mind. You can set up blogs on Blogger or Typepad. Blogger seems to be the most user friendly.

I have 39 active blogs on Blogger . I get a lot of traffic from these blogs.

You can put Adsense ads on your blog. Also Adbrite and other affiliate ads and you get paid either PPC or PPS ( Pay Per Click or Pay per Sale ).

Blog Marketing is the latest buzz. If you use a conversational tone you will get a big audience. Never broadcast. Never indulge in self promotion. Never sell. Be altruistic and share your knowledge with the international community !

Wealth or Knowledge should not be accumulated. It should be shared with our brethren. Marx, Jesus and Aurobindo were altruistic and they shared their immense knowledge with their brethren. Let us go after Almighty Love and not after Almighty Mammon !

You can share not only articles written by you, but also your favorite videos and photos dealing with that topic. You can go to social networking sites like Facebook or Google Plus and update your status and tell your friends that you have been blogging, with links pointing back to your blog ! This is the joy of Blog Marketing !

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Marketing Bible !

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If you want to be a good Real Estate Agent

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Intellectual Books

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