Thursday, June 27, 2013

For Blogging, hard work is needed !

We have said repeatedly Blogging is fun. If you try to blog for money, you will have to create your own content, incorporate ad revenue generating ads like Adsense. You need lots of traffic, if you want to be rich !

Select a niche field and position yourself as an expert. Write articles and submit them to directories.  You can post comment about other's blogs ! That way you can link their blog with theirs. Search for other bloggers in your niche. You can bookmark the blogs you like and follow their subjects daily.

I for instance, follow, as she is a good writer on Astrology. Not only on Astrology, but she writes on other subjects as well. Her blogs have got more than 800 K hits and is followed by ardent admirers. My blogs are also getting decent hits. 

I have incorporated Adsense in my blogs. Not only Adsense but Social Spark as well. Social Spark is part of IZEA. Adsense gives me good earnings.

Participate, this is the mantra of Social Media Marketing. For instance, I am interested in Marketing and I go to marketing sites and blogs and participate in the discussions. I am interested in cricket and participate in all cricket blogs and sites. I am interested in Astrology and participate in all Astrology forums, blogs and sites. That way I am known as a participating Voice and become popular like that !

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